Shaped steel wire & bar

Shaped steel wire & bar

It is also possible to manufacture high-precision irregularly shaped products and process non-ferrous materials such as titanium and copper. Please feel free to contact us regarding products with special shapes.

Feature for Shaped steel wire & bar

  • Challenginf to complicates and pecullar shape.

    We hold various equipments, HV type cold rolling mill, Hot rolling mill, Cold rolling machine for small diameter wire(φ1~φ3).
    We can supply complicated and particular shaped steel wire and bar according to original manufacturing engineering design to make the most of equipments.

    HV type cold rolling mill
    Hot rolling mill
    Cold rolling machine for small Dia

    This machine is possible to product difficultly processing materials(Bearing steel, Titanium, Titanium ally etc.) with high accuracy of dimension and circularity.

Sectional shape

Flat wire
Peculiar shape

○Available dimensions for rectangular materials

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Unit: mm Square Rectangle Oval shape
Minimum size(a×b) 4.0×4.0 0.9×7.0
Maximum size(a×b) 25.0×25.0 8.5×28.8 17.3×25.3
*Please contact us for detailed dimensions.
異形鋼線・異形鋼棒 製造工程